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We were running our own small group training classes and had 30 inconsistent paying small group training members. We launched TRIBE and immediately attracted 263 pre-paid TEAM Training members. This generated over $35,000USD at launch. TRIBE will create communities of hundreds of engaged members within my club, keep my fitness team inspired and contribute $250,000USD to my bottom line. With the support of TRIBE and their turn-key model, it wasn’t even that hard to do!” – Ryan Vogt, Tri-City Court Club, USA

Having a profitable Small Group Training (SGT) department as part of your Health, Wellness and Fitness Center is now a necessity in the overall business performance of your club. Especially in our post-Covid world.

Top-performing full-service facilities will be generating at least 25% of total revenue from their secondary or non-membership dues revenue streams. A good SGT department should be contributing the majority of this.

TRIBE Team Training® is here to provide clubs the best turn-key SGT solution for clubs, coaches and members. Our goal is to make sure your SGT dreams become a reality.

We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you every step of the way!

A Profitable SGT Solution

A Profitable SGT Solution

“Before TRIBE we were generating an average of $4500 every eight weeks with Small Group Training. With TRIBE we now generate over $27,000 every eight weeks and continue to grow!” – Joe Cirulli, CEO, Gainesville Health and Fitness, USA

Let’s be perfectly clear! TRIBE is not in the business of adding additional expense to your business. TRIBE Team Training® exists to help you increase your revenue and profit.

Use the Club Profit Calculator to get an estimate of profit you can generate with TRIBE.

Note: The calculator generates net profit after all expenses and is based on conservative market penetration within your club. TRIBE is a complete self-funding solution!

The Highest Standard of Programs

The Highest Standard of Programs

To have the best SGT department you need to have the best SGT programs! Your range of SGT programs needs to not only attract a wide demographic across your membership but also attract new members to your business. TRIBE members and new members have a selection of the very best programs to give that boutique offering within your business.

TRIBE programming stands out from the rest – not only is every program cutting edge, no two sessions are ever the same creating incredible value for your members. Programs ensure safe progressive periodization with built-in progress measurements along the way. There is gaming to ensure every session is challenging and teamwork maximized so members can reach their full potential. TRIBE also provides members with a safe exercising environment.

Programs are backed up with bespoke music to ensure maximum member motivation and enjoyment.

Total Business Support

Total Business Support

TRIBE Team Training® becomes your true SGT partner and is with you every step of the way! We love nothing more than seeing our partners succeed well beyond their expectations.

But don’t just hear it from us…

“We were running our own small group training classes and had roughly 30 inconsistent paying small group training members. We launched TRIBE and immediately attracted 263 pre-paid small group training members, of which over 20 were non-members. This generated over $35,000USD at launch. Even with zero growth over the next 12-months (not going to happen) – TRIBE will create communities of hundreds of engaged members within my club, keep my fitness team inspired with the latest small group training education and contribute $250,000USD to my bottom line. And you know what? With the support/dedication of TRIBE and their turn key model, it wasn’t even hard to do!” 3..2..1..Go!”

Ryan Vogt, Club Owner, Tri-City Court Club

The TRIBE model is proven to ensure SGT success! Creating your complete SGT game plan, direct business support throughout the launch, complete departmental integration with sales, front of house, Group Fitness and PT, not to mention space planning, plus ongoing consultation…this is just some of the support you receive from partnering with TRIBE.

Ongoing Marketing Support

Ongoing Marketing Support

TRIBE Team Training® supports you to fill your teams season after season, year after year! Every TRIBE partner has full access to our marketing portal -TribeCLUB.

TRIBE understands the need for ongoing SGT promotion to support your growth and profit goals. Built into the TRIBE turn-key system are 6 real-time marketing drive activities year on year. Full Social Media campaigns also provided in a step by step plug and play format.

Coach Education

Coach Education

Coaches play a vital role in the success of your SGT program within your club. They are your SGT recruitment and communication agencies and the key interface between your club and your members’ results and experience. A top SGT Coach needs to have additional skill sets to your top PT’s or your top Group Exercise instructors. This is why TRIBE Team Training® provides a comprehensive SGT specific TRIBE certification program backed up with ongoing coach education delivered directly to their phones season after season!

Member Connection

Member Connection

Creating communities of TEAMS within your greater club community is incredibly powerful for your business!

This is why at TRIBE we prefer to use the term ‘TEAM Training’ rather than ‘Group Training’.

Many clubs make the mistake of running their SGT department like their Group Exercise department. For example, a selection of ‘Classes’ on a timetable with the only difference being SGT classes are paid for and Group Exercise classes are free. This can not only be confusing for your members but limits the opportunity to create a real community and a real connection between members.

With TRIBE we create TEAMS of members that train together with their ‘Teammates’ and their Team ‘Coach’ for a ‘Season’. Building small communities of teams that train in a season allows for so many benefits… from member safety, programming progression, results tracking, quality coaching, the formation of real friendships and connection …not to mention guaranteed revenue and profit for the business every single session, season after season!

Discover your potential annual revenue* with TRIBE by clicking on a combination of the program logos below.

Total potential annual revenue per club

Note: If you have more than one studio or one club, simply multiply this number by the number of clubs and / or studio’s. The potential is huge!

*This is an average number based off company medians only. All results may vary depending on number of sessions, cost per session and number of team members. This is an indication only.



Get in touch with us now to find out how TRIBE will:

  • Increase your profit dramatically
  • Provide an easy to implement turn-key system
  • Increase member engagement and loyalty to your club
  • Increase staff engagement and loyalty to your club

We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you in creating unprecedented Small Team Training growth in your club.

Frequently Asked Questions

TRIBE offers the opportunity for club owners to bridge the gap between Group Exercise and Personal Training. It provides a standalone team training department that generates income for your club.

This turn-key department provides business owners, general managers and managers the tools, support, and consistency to develop a department around each individual business goal.

We believe that if clubs are not getting at least 10% of their current membership involved in some sort of team training offering then they are missing out on massive business opportunities.

Many of our existing clubs are earning an annual revenue of six figures from TRIBE Team Training® – with only a 5% penetration rate!

Yes, absolutely. We have massive 150,000 square foot clubs, club chains with dozens of locations, small studios and community centers all running TRIBE Team Training® in a variety of spaces within.

Each business model has their own unique goals and by working together with us, we can help you offer the best team training program along with helping you reach your financial goals. Having TRIBE in your club will help you earn more and set you apart from the competition.

Simply put, if you have space that’s roughly the size of a squash or racquetball court, or vacant time slots on your group-ex floor or basketball court, you can offer TRIBE.

Doing it yourself requires more than just planning the workouts and ordering equipment. Creating a department, brand, marketing, consistency, team culture and training progressions all while creating value in the eyes of your members is EXPENSIVE.

If you have high staff turnover or are afraid of losing your talented staff, TRIBE gives you the consistency, protection, education, tools, marketability, and ongoing support you need at a fraction of the cost of doing this yourself.

To create a branded organized program that’s commercially successful can take a lot of time and resources. Some clubs have decided to do it themselves but haven’t made one dollar profit 12 months later. TRIBE gives clubs “speed to market”.

Any good team training department should only work to enhance your service offerings; this includes Group Exercise and Personal Training. All TRIBE coaches are trained to utilize all service offerings to complement each team member’s individual training goals.

This is also a fantastic way for your trainers and instructors to increase their PT clientele and Group Exercise following. This is not only restricted to training but should / could include nutrition, massage, merchandise etc…

The great thing about TRIBE Team Training® is that it is a true profit centre for your business. Unlike other service departments, such as Group Exercise, which costs your business to run – TRIBE Team Training® will make your club money and ensure the growth of your business.

How much money will vary depending on your club size and the number of TRIBE Team Training® programs you run. As an example we have small clubs with a 500 – 600 membership base profiting over USD $87,000 in their TRIBE Team Training® department alone.

The first TRIBE Team Training® program(s) you choose to launch should depend on the current demographics of your facility and/or the demographics you are looking to attract. Our most popular programs are TribeFIT™, TribeFIT STRONG™, TribeCORE™ and TribeLIFE™. All the TRIBE Team Training® programs complement each other and will target varying demographics in your community.

Our specialty programs include TribePUNCH™ and TribeKIDS™. To ensure optimum success with TRIBE Team Training® we suggest you start by launching three programs. Once they are working successfully at your facility you can add any of the others. See our programs page for more info on our TRIBE Team Training® programs.

The TRIBE Team Training® System works on a licensing arrangement whereby you pay a monthly fee to run the program(s) in your facility.

In return for this fee, not only do you receive world-class TRIBE Team Training® programs with new season releases every eight weeks, you also get the world’s leading TRIBE coach training, access to TRIBE Team Training® management tools and marketing materials.

To get TRIBE Team Training® programs at your facility, it’s simple, contact one of us or fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

There is a monthly fee associated with running TRIBE Team Training® programs at your facility. TRIBE Team Training® is an international company and the monthly fee reflects local currency, therefore the monthly fee will vary from country to country. The fee may also vary depending on the type of facility you have and how many TRIBE Team Training® programs you are looking to implement.

As an example, a monthly fee for one program is around USD$250 per month. Typically, there is also a declining pricing scale, so for each additional program the price per program decreases. For example, a second program price is around USD$150 per month. Remember, TRIBE provides a standalone revenue generating department in your club. Fees are absorbed in the revenue generated by TRIBE in your club.

To find out what the monthly fee would be for YOUR facility, in YOUR region please Click HERE.

All TRIBE Team Training® programs use a variety of specialized training equipment to challenge members and add variety to their sessions ensuring they achieve incredible results.

Your club or facility will more than likely have the majority of the equipment you will need, or you may wish to add to what you already have to run your TRIBE Team Training® programs.

We will be able to provide you with exact equipment lists of what you will need for the TRIBE Team Training® programs you chose.

All TRIBE coaches are trained, provided with continuing education, and are supported through us and by head coaches throughout their career as a TRIBE coach.

There is a small cost to training the coaches, however each club and region decides on the best option to suit their needs. Please contact TRIBE Team Training®  for more information. Click HERE.

This is best answered in two parts.

1st: Aside from training the team and delivering all the tools and marketing material, you will receive continual guidance and support through the 8-12 week launch phase.

Once launched we will consistently check in with your department head (Head Coach) to ensure they are doing everything they can to achieve the business goals set out from the start.

We will share best practices, hold TRIBE exclusive webinars for department heads, update and send out more tools and constant communication on how we can help you achieve your goals.

2nd: From the coaching perspective, our coaching department will be in contact offering coaching tips, seasonal advice on recruiting, building new teams, creating culture in the team and club and professional development.

BOTH of these are consistent and ongoing for as long as you are offering TRIBE Team Training® in your club!