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TRIBE Team Training® has partnered with MUSCLE MIX® to bring you bespoke TRIBE Program playlists at a huge cost saving!

TRIBE is not just about providing affordable results to members working out in teams but also about providing affordable results to our Clubs and Coaches.

TRIBE Clubs will have access to ALL the latest TRIBE music, season after season.

BONUS – not only will you have complete access to all of the TRIBE albums every season, but you will also have access to all of the music, songs, and albums on the MUSCLE MIX® platform to use in other programs or areas of your club as you wish!!

This offer is available to all TRIBE Clubs and because it is so affordable, Tribe COACHES can also take advantage of this offer and have TRIBE music on their own devices.

Remember, it is important that the latest TRIBE music is always played in conjunction with the latest season! TRIBE music is specifically selected to match the essence of each TRIBE program to ensure members have the best experience possible! Now with the MUSCLE MIX® solution, you will always have the latest TRIBE music available.


Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile devices such as iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Android tablets.

Clubs can visit the Help Center here  OR email MUSCLE MIX® Customer Happiness Manager, Rhonda Honeycutt, at [email protected]

Each location will need to purchase its own MUSCLE MIX® App account.  This will now be considerably cheaper for all TRIBE Clubs. Previously, each club would have to download and pay for individual program albums per club. For clubs that have 5 programs that were $100 per season. Now they will have access to all music for less than $12.95/month.

As you know, TRIBE Music is an integral component of the TRIBE system/experience. Each playlist is consciously selected for each program to create the appropriate environment and overall vibe.  We have found that when left to the Coaches to create their own playlists, there are inconsistencies and uneven flow of the music vs. a particular session. Moreover, member perception will be influenced if different music is played by each Coach, which will inevitably devalue the overall program.