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“I chose TRIBE Team Training® initially because I needed something more than going to the gym and doing the same old workouts I’ve been doing since my football days. I keep coming back season after season because it’s never the same workout, I’ve never once felt like I wasted my hour at the gym (which tends to happen from time to time doing my own workouts) and of course my team! I’m stronger and more flexible when it comes to everyday life, I make better choices when it comes to eating, and I tend to have more energy throughout the day.” – Scott Bartlett, TribeMEMBER, Inlet Fitness, Virginia Beach, USA.

TRIBE Team Training® members will experience fun, belonging, control, support, reassurance, and challenges all in a dynamic motivating environment that will respect their individuality so they can achieve more.

History has shown us that by working as a team we gain far greater results than when we work out on our own. TRIBE Team Training® is all about building our tribe, our team, and ourselves.

At TRIBE Team Training® our aim is to be the best, work hard and exceed expectations. No one in our tribe gets left behind. We unite together, we work together and as a result, we grow together. We are one body, one unit, one team – one tribe.

Find your TRIBE today and together we will achieve more.

Frequently Asked Questions

TRIBE Team Training® is a world class small group Personal Training Program sometimes known as Team Training or Small Group Training (SGT). In other words, it’s Personal Training with a team of 6-10 others. Each program is developed with a specific training objective and has progressions built into the programs to ensure each individual is guaranteed results. No matter what program you choose, your TRIBE coach will focus on your individual goals (just like a Personal Trainer would) however you get the benefit of being in a small team with like-minded individuals for a fraction of the cost of Personal Training.

Following a specific results-based training plan allows you to get significant results safely and not to mention FAST! You will dramatically increase strength, mobility and conditioning. Although, benefits range from each and every person depending on the program and goals, with our regular progression checks, you and your coach will always know where you stand in your fitness journey. This will help you and your coach stay focused on your goal, as well as you having the support, camaraderie and care of your teammates. It’s a winning combination.

These types of programs are just like group exercise classes that are designed to make you sweat but they don’t know your personal fitness goals. TRIBE is different.

In TRIBE we examine your goals, desires for change, and build a perfect plan for you to achieve this. Your fitness goal is personal and unique.

To achieve your goal we help you set benchmarks, and then we provide you guidance, support, progression and results (you can see and feel), to help make sure you’re on the way.

Because it is important that your coach knows you and your goals, each team will train with the same coach and the same team mates for the full season providing you consistent progressive results at the fraction of the cost of Personal Training.

Not to worry, each club has a contingency plan. Every club has their own make-up policies; children get sick, you have to leave town for business, or you’re taking a vacation, we all have life events that prevent us from living at the club. There are so many examples of clubs that take care of their members who have had to miss a session because life gets in the way…

They will encourage you to jump in on a different team later that day, or the next day, they may offer weekend make up sessions, trial weeks, a one on one session and so much more. When you train with TRIBE, our motto is that no one gets left behind and you are no exception. We’ve got you!

It allows us to part of something bigger than ourselves; it creates a safe training environment that holds us accountable to our goals ensuring we will get results. TRIBE Team Training® sets a lifestyle as most TRIBERS continue to be part of their team season after season, year after year. You are part of something bigger than your own personal goals; you are part of a team that has a common purpose whilst being consistently looked after by your certified TRIBE coach – like personal training – but only a fraction of the cost!

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