The TRIBE Team Training™ System

The TRIBE Team Training™ System is a proven way to provide your members with the absolute best Team Training (small group personal training) programs available. TRIBE Team Training™ programs will deliver your members the motivation, care, sense of community and results that will ensure not only your members keep coming back for more but will encourage their friends and family to come and see you.

The TRIBE Team Training™ system will do more than just help your members achieve incredible results it will also deliver impressive results for your business.

TRIBE Team Training™ has four key strategies:

1. Develop the best Team Training programs

TRIBE Team Training™ is a company that specializes in Team Training and Team Training only. It is important to note TRIBE Team Training™ is not a Group Fitness company attempting to develop Team Training programs on the side or a Personal Training company branching out into Team Training. TRIBE Team Training™ specializes in nothing but developing the very best team training programs available, fullstop.

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2. A profitable Team Training solution

TRIBE Team Training™ will not only provide your members with incredible motivation, care, support and results but will also provide a proven turn-key stand-alone profit center for your business. TRIBE Team Training™ will transform your business.

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3. Deliver programs to the highest standard

TRIBE Team Training™ has a world-class training system that will ensure your Coaches thrive in your club and help you to keep your best Coaches. With our certification and assessment process, coaches master the TRIBE Team Training™ key elements to ensure they lead, inspire and care for members to the absolute highest standard. Seven season releases also ensure that TRIBE Coaches are constantly at the cutting edge of fitness development and education and are armed with the information and skills to ensure you and your members achieve more.

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4. Fully supported marketing and management

From launch to on-going delivery TRIBE Team Training™ will be with you every step of the way. You will have everything you need to attract new members as well as inspire your existing ones. The TRIBE Team Training™ system gives you access to an extensive range of valuable resources.

You can download them for free from our website – including:

  • Everything you need to manage TRIBE Team Training™ in your club
  • Posters
  • Program Brochures
  • Banners
  • Videos
  • Email Template
  • PR collateral
  • TRIBE Team Training™ logos
  • TRIBE Program logos
  • Schedule logos
  • Brand guidelines
  • Latest Season Releases

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