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It seems like the Holy Grail of our industry. Along with lifestyle, job satisfaction and work/life balance, let’s face it, the bottom line is that we all chase time, money and results. The club owner or general managers chase time, money and results to keep their businesses afloat and profitable. Coaches, PT’s and Instructors want more money for their time and the energy they put into their role. Members are seeking value for their hard-earned money and effective results for the time and money spent getting there. Without a doubt, what we all share in common is the desire to have more time, more money and better results. Finding solutions to this everlasting game of chase can render us exhausted, overwhelmed and discouraged. It’s cat and mouse. Let’s face it – we try and try and persevere at all costs because in this industry we are all driven by the desire to change peoples lives for the better – even at the cost of our own betterment!

Collectively we are getting smarter at sharing best practices and putting our heads together, however, these three resources seem elusive to many. We know that the fitness industry is one of the largest ‘sports’ in the world. We know that trends are showing us that health clubs need to build more ‘team-based’ activities within their health club community. In fact, more clubs within their club. For instance a group fitness club, the gym floor club, a personal training club and now more than ever – a small group training club. Gyms around the world are using small group training or what I call team training to gain greater access to these three resources. The trick is finding the right program and doing it right from the start.

TRIBE Team Training® is a small team training program (that offers a suite of five different programs to our members) that has proven to add profitability to clubs. It provides a reliable income stream that generates another ‘club’ and community within our gyms. By bridging the gap between group fitness, personal training (and lost souls on our gym floor) it brings us back to gaining greater control over our time (we don’t have to come up with the programming), our money (programs desired by more which creates a better return) and unequivocal results (for the member, the coach, and the club). For clubs with as little as 250 members, to clubs with as many as 25000 members, TRIBE provides a platform that reconnects members with our business in a way that leads to unprecedented loyalty. The spin-off is that it is affordable for the member, they achieve better results in less amount of time, and have a great time doing it.

TRIBE doesn’t stop there. It also gives the Coaches, PT’s and Instructors another career path within the industry where they can become experts in their field and gain huge followings in our club allowing for better return on their time. TRIBE members and TribeCOACHES gain a stronger sense of belonging and become more and more loyal as each session and season roles around. Find out for yourself how TRIBE can unlock the value of time, money and results in your business. You can reach us by visiting

By Sue Richard, Coaching Director, TRIBE Team Training®