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Thousands of members are joining TRIBE across the globe. From clubs in the US, Canada, UK, Ecuador, Cayman Islands to clubs in Australia, NZ, and Hong Kong, TRIBE Team Training® is providing the solution for many members internationally.

No matter where they are from, members know that health and fitness is something they should aim to have to ensure their quality of life. The alternatives are bleak. Typically gym-goers fall into two simple categories; those desperately trying to keep their health and fitness and those urgently trying their hardest to achieve it. Some people naturally gravitate to movement but realistically to be motivated, driven and sustain a lifestyle of movement can be the ultimate challenge for many (no matter how much they know they ‘should’ do it!). To ignore this reality, we may as well bury our heads in the sand and not come out. As club operators, managers, owners, GM’s, etc our role is to offer a solution to overcome these psychological barriers and create an environment where the anxious and concerned can achieve healthy and fit lifestyles to suit their needs.

In my opinion, exercise has evolved into movement discovery and functional application to everyday life. People want to move without fear and focus more on enjoyment and less about having to complete another ‘job’ in their ever-growing to-do list. In my opinion, they don’t want fears, anxiety or negativity around their exercise choices. The common denominator for all (even though we have different motivators) is that we need to feel that we are not alone and share the same hurdles and obstacles as others. Knowing this and allowing for thousands and thousands of members to overcome these barriers, TRIBE Team Training® has developed six functional exercise training programs that many clubs and thousands of members are benefitting from.TRIBE participants gain a sense of belonging, shared comradery, and shared social groups with like-minded teammates, not to mention incredible results.

Members are telling us that TRIBE Team Training® “has changed my life – those insecurities that I had felt previously vanished as a result of TRIBE. In my experience, it’s all about how you feel, and I feel fantastic!” said Jane Shaeffer Universal Club Lancaster USA. What do insecurities and feelings have to do with exercise you ask? Everything! If members are not feeling supported, are not enjoying what they are doing in a safe environment, are not seeing and feeling the benefits, plus believe that they can sustain an active lifestyle, then sadly, they will drop out of our clubs. Thousands of members from the four corners of the globe are benefitting from the psychological and physical benefits that TRIBE Team Training® offers. As a result, clubs are experiencing unprecedented retention rates and first-time financial goals in their SGT departments. To find out why operators and members are joining the TRIBE and how you too can take advantage – go to

By Sue Richard, Coaching Director, TRIBE Team Training®