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The beginning of the year has started well for JP Richard and his team at TRIBE Team Training® North America. Richard, President, met with many of the men and women of the REX Roundtable in late February this year. He presented the countless opportunities and benefits TRIBE Team Training® can offer health and fitness clubs around the world.

REX is a global organization that runs executive mastermind roundtables for business owners and chief executives in the fitness industry. Their main focus is to share the industries best practices. They currently have groups in the US, Australia and Europe and there are over 120 very successful club owners and executives that belong to REX.

Richard states: “TRIBE Team Training® North America is proud to be one of the very few Global REX Trusted Suppliers selected. We consider ourselves very lucky to participate, learn, share, and hopefully help industry leading organizations, many of whom already use TRIBE Team Training® as their solution to help fill the gap between Group Exercise and Personal Training.”

Richard continues to say: “The TRIBE Team Training® brand aligns itself beautifully with REX as we also believe that ‘together we can achieve more’. As with TRIBE Team Training®, REX has proven to be a highly effective way to rapidly produce significant improvements to revenue and profitability within health and fitness clubs.

“We believe that by working together with REX, more club owners, more industry experts and more members will benefit from TRIBE Team Training® resulting in clubs succeeding beyond what they ever thought possible.”

JP and his team are looking forward to additional meetings with REX members throughout the year.

To contact JP or one of our other agencies for more information on how TRIBE Team Training® can help your facility, progress your fitness career or change so many lives, please click here.