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Why we need to spend more time thinking about SMALL GROUP TRAINING.

How often have you heard that if you don’t keep up with the trends then you will fall behind in your business? According to the American College of Sports and Medicine (ACSM), the 2016 trends released late last year revealed that bodyweight training, high-intensity interval training, strength training, educated, certified and experienced fitness professionals, along with personal training, functional fitness, exercise for older adults, exercise and weight loss and group personal training all featured in the top eleven trends out of 40 for 2016.

When looking at club offerings many of us offer these in isolation, however, what if we can put these all together and create a revenue stream and reach a target market in our club that may not have reached its full financial potential? Bridging the gap between Group Exercise and Personal Training to create Small Group Training would allow us to combine the top fitness trends and offer endless possibilities to our members. Companies such as TRIBE Team Training® who specialize in SGT have done just that.  TRIBE Team Training® was designed with the club owner in mind who faces the difficulty of running their business while competitors are opening their doors in droves. Our members now have more choice than ever before and according to the top trends, they will be seeking these services within our clubs or even worse, out of our clubs. To keep members engaged and with a sense of on-going belonging, putting in a program like TRIBE Team Training® is a wise choice to deter members from going elsewhere.

TRIBE takes SGT, what we like to call Small Team Training to a whole new level. TRIBE Team Training® creates programs that combine all the top fitness trends plus provides the programming, training and on-going support for each and every club in six-week cycles. TRIBE operates in club chains, independent clubs, 600 member clubs and 23,000 member clubs in all demographics, studio spaces, and sizes in various countries around the world. TRIBE gives each club owner the necessary tools and support to develop a department around each club owner’s individual business goal.

TRIBE believes that if club owners are not getting at least 10% of their current membership involved in some sort of Team Training offering then they are missing out on massive business opportunities. TRIBE offering clubs are earning annual revenue from an income stream they didn’t even know existed or were available until they introduced TRIBE into their clubs. Some are earning up to six figures annually! Now they know the secret to bridging the gap between Group Exercise and Personal Training and why thinking seriously about small group training will keep members engaged and in our doors.
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By Sue Richard, Coaching Director, TRIBE Team Training®