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You’ve established strong communication and trust with your members. You’ve listened to their suggestions and always aim to provide the best club, with the best services and with the best staff you can find. You do this knowing (and a certain element of quietly hoping), that if you provide great service and create great relationships, members will stay loyal to you. Undoubtedly, we know this isn’t always the case.
At TRIBE Team Training® we understand this and have developed a small team training program that will continue to build on your efforts and create just that – a stronger, more loyal member connection. Having TRIBE in your club creates a member connected to the club, a member connection to each other and a strong connection to the promised results they get. The connection even goes beyond this and onto how amazing they feel when working in a TRIBE Team Training® program. We know that many club owners are trying to create that association by providing more boutique-style training in smaller groups. They will offer a boot camp here, a kettlebell class there, a suspension unit class from time to time, etc.

TRIBE Team Training® recognizes this and has taken connection and Small Group Training – what we like to call Team Training – to the next level. We believe that if club owners are not engaging their members regularly on an on-going basis, (not only with the club, but with each other – and their goals), then club owners are vulnerable to members eventually looking at, and, choosing other options that they simply aren’t providing in their own club. Owners across the US, Canada, South America, New Zealand, Australia, UK and more are using TRIBE Team Training® to take the stress out of keeping the connections alive, (plus they are earning more than they thought possible). To find out how you can keep your members, earn more and create the ultimate connection in your club, visit

By Sue Richard, Coaching Director, TRIBE Team Training®