TribePUNCH™ Latest Season Release

TribePUNCH™ Season Six 2021

We are excited to bring you Season Six 2021! Many clubs will be open again, while certain clubs will be closed. Some will be offering a combination of virtual sessions and in-club sessions, while others will be offering either 100% in-club or 100% virtual. Regardless of your situation, this season’s design is no different to the last. We will ensure that irrespective of the level of restrictions at your club, and your club policies, we’ve got you! You will find all the necessary options and coaching tips to successfully deliver another incredible season whilst adhering to all your government policies and club protocols.

Season Success

We have included some key tips to ensure that the season can be delivered successfully in your clubs. Please be sure to read the page before you begin the season. Please also adhere to your government health and safety guidelines.

Vimeo Support

Exercises in red have a direct link to vimeo. Simply click on the red exercise for a full video presentation.

Educational Support

We have developed educational support that will give us some of the essential tools to coach our teams, and everyone in our teams to reach their full training potential. Before beginning to coach this season, we encourage and recommend that you click on the:

1. TRIBE Ready Stance – to learn how to coach and set up for safe movement
2. TRIBE Coaching System – to learn how to coach team members safely and effectively
Note: You can also click on the hyperlinks below to watch vimeo videos to support your learning.
1. TRIBE Ready Stance/Position
2. TRIBE Coaching System


Our focus when delivering the season is to:

  • Know the program and study each workout. We have provided some great coaching tips to help map out our sessions.
  • Know our team so we can apply our full progression / regression strategies for each of the exercises featured. See TRIBE Ready Stance and TRIBE Coaching System for assistance.
  • Use Howell’s (1982) conscious/competence model as discussed in module. This will help us understand where they are ‘at’ and give us a great cueing platform for each individual member.
  • Take care of each member and create memorable entertaining sessions.

Feature Fighter

This season is inspired by Jackie (Kid) Berg. Born in 1909 Jackie came from the East End of London England where he was also known by his fight nickname, “the Whitechapel Whirlwind”. Jackie went pro at the young age of 15 and moved to the United States in 1928 where he went on to become the Junior Welterweight Champion. In what can only be described as a massive career Berg finished with a WHOPPING record.

Total bouts: 192. Won: 157, (Wins by KOs: 57), Lost: 26, Drew: 9

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