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TribeLIFE™ Season Five 2019

TribeLIFETM Season Five 2019 is here! This season is designed to create a human animal that handles the variations and physical diversities that life throws at us and thrives in the adaptation of life! We start with a direct focus on a combination of loaded movement patterns and exercises that require movement control, deceleration and anti-rotation, (this strengthens connective tissue working the muscles both eccentrically and concentrically creating a strong, well balanced human animal). In short, our first development phase is designed to promote greater movement control, increase functional strength and increase joint stability.

As we enter the second development phase of the season, we look to increase loaded movement to develop muscular endurance (the ability to sustain resistance-based activity for extended periods of time). We do this using loaded complexities while progressively increasing the volume.

We are really looking forward to hearing everyone’s success! This season had fantastic test results and we know your teams will be no different. From all of us – 3, 2, 1, GO!

Vimeo Support

Click on the red exercise and it will take you straight to the vimeo support video’s.

Understanding the Whiteboard

Our overall coaching goal is to bring our members to new levels of understanding to produce stronger, leaner functionally fit bodies. Each session has:

  • A Training Objective which we use to explain why we’re training the way we are for each session.
  • A detailed description of the Formula and gaming behind each workout.
  • Coaching Tips to assist us in delivering world class sessions week after week.


We have developed educational support that will give us some of the essential tools to coach our teams, and everyone in our teams to reach their full training potential. Before beginning to coach this season, we encourage and recommend that you click on the:

1. TRIBE Ready Stance – to learn how to coach and set up for safe movement
2. TRIBE Coaching System – to learn how to coach team members safely and effectively
Note: You can also click on the hyperlinks below to watch vimeo videos to support your learning.
1. TRIBE Ready Stance/Position
2. TRIBE Coaching System

Our focus when delivering the season is to:

  • Know the program and study each workout. We have provided some great coaching tips to help us map out our sessions.
  • Know our team so we can apply our full progression / regression strategies for each of the exercises featured. See TRIBE Ready Stance and TRIBE Coaching System for assistance.

  • Use Howell’s (1982) conscious/competence model as discussed in module. This will help us understand where our members are ‘at’ and give us a great cueing platform for each individual member.
  • Take care of each member and create memorable entertaining sessions.
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