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TRIBE Team Training are the global leaders in providing Team Training, commonly know as Small Group Training. (SGT) To do this, TRIBE Coaches must be trained in the TRIBE module. How to be a great TRIBE Coach.

Our TRIBE Coaches are always telling us how amazing they are finding the training module. The best they’ve ever been through. Anthony Mendoza, a TRIBE Coach from David Lloyd Hampton UK, tells us a little about his experience with TRIBE™.IMG-20140531-WA0000

“I first found TRIBE Team Training™ when I took the job role as a Personal Trainer back in February 2013.

TTT came in in May 2013. I never had a whole lot of experience; however what I have found in my life is that I have a lot of drive, as I never had the best past in the world! My mistakes led me to where I am today. Tribe and Toby (Creative Director) helped me a lot; also I gave everything into my career to be a well known PT. and TRIBE Team Trainer. I have also just got into the top 10 PT throughout our David Lloyd Company (91 clubs in total) for what I achieved for the club for TTT. I live and breathe TTT it’s the greatest confidence boost anyone could ask for, whether that be Trainer or Trainee (member) I am just waiting for the chance to do my master Training module.”

~Anthony Mendoza aka “the Tyrant”


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