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Anytime Fitness Cayman Island
In its continual growth TRIBE Team Training™ International welcomed another new family member to the TRIBE in October 2013. Anytime Fitness Grand Cayman Islands. With Tribe Team Training™ in countries such as Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, why not in the Caribbean too!

Season Seven 2013 is their inaugural launch and has started with huge sizzle and a massive roar! They started with 17 classes spread out between TribeFIT™, TribePUNCH™ and TribeCORE™ teams. Christine Connor Anytime Fitness Club Owner says, “By offering TRIBE Team Training™ at our club it is giving us programs that we know our members will love and more importantly achieve outstanding results.  We love the TRIBE lifestyle and are committed to having our members return season after season. TRIBE Team Training™ is leading the world in team training and we didn’t want our members to miss out on the opportunity of being a part of a great team that offers world class results.”

Anytime Fitness Grand Cayman is so excited about the future of TRIBE in their club that Tim Williams their TRIBE Team Training™ Manager says “with so much interest and so many enquiries, we know that we have to expand on our suite of programs.” He adds, “We are expecting Season One next year to show some great growth as feedback has been really brilliant and people very much like their experience. I see the real need to introduce TribeLIFE™ early in 2014.”

So with the TRIBE Team Training™ Trainers certified and the season started, we can’t wait to hear about their amazing results.

For more information on how you can join the TRIBE at Anytime Fitness Cayman Island,

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