Studio Model Delivering World’s Best Small Group Training

TRIBE Team Training™ is very excited to have the very first stand-alone Studio model delivering TRIBE.

Body Express, in Dover Heights, Sydney, Australia.

Jamie and Ellen Hayes went on a worldwide search when they decided to re-launch their Body Express brand under a Studio based model.

Jamie says “Being a small studio business, our group training area occupies the majority of our total space. When we investigated group-training programs and centers running them, most only ran classes morning and night, meaning the area was not generating income throughout the day. We wanted to have a broad range of programs that would appeal to different demographics and training goals, therefore maximizing our revenue per meter throughout each day and week.”

With the five TRIBE Team Training™ program options including TribeKIDS™, Jamie and Ellen found exactly what they were looking for.

“TRIBE is perfect. With a variety of small group training offerings we have attracted a wide demographic within the community, meaning our studio is filling up fast in what would otherwise be dead times.”

Body Express, launched Season Four with 26 team workout sessions per week and are already getting the demand to offer more including Sunday sessions.

Ellen says “members are loving the programs, the education, the support, the fact that their progress is monitored and of course the team environment. We’re getting lots of word of mouth. We’re using the TRIBE promise that ‘you’ll never do the same workout twice’ and that has a lot of appeal to people who were previously getting bored.”

TribeLIFE™ member Simon Hall comments “For a long time I have struggled to stay motivated working-out on my own. I tried a TribeLIFE™ session with my wife and instantly, without realizing it, I was pushing myself to keep up with her and the rest of the team. It was extremely motivating.”

The Personal Trainers at Body Express are also enjoying the TRIBE experience.

“I coach the TribeLIFE™, TribeCORE™ and TribeFIT™ programs and I enjoy the variety in coaching style when delivering the different programs.” Says TRIBE Coach Pontus Palmkvist.

Pontus adds, “Even though I’ve been a Trainer for 5 years, with TRIBE I’m learning new exercises and new ways of programming every week and therefore feel like I am progressing as a Coach. I find all the programs to be challenging in their own ways and the overwhelming response I get from members is that the sessions are challenging, achievable and fun.”

With over 40 years of inspiring their community to get fit, lose weight and be their best, Ellen and Jamie Hayes said that “members who achieve the best results have something in common – a support network to help them. Fitness results are by far more effective and more fun in TRIBE teams.”

Research shows that members who experience exercise in a community and share their journey with their friends, family or other members will have a more enjoyable journey as well as get better results than members whose exercise experience is solitary.

Jamie and Ellen say “This is why at Body Express we are so passionate about TRIBE Team Training™ and we know you will be too!”

World’s best Small Group Training



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