RPM Total Fitness Toronto SIZZLES!

Our latest Club to join our TRIBE™ is RPM Total Fitness in Toronto Canada.

RPM Total Fitness studio specializes in group personal training, so their union TRIBE Team Training™ is perfect!

With the launch of Season Three 2014, TRIBE™ and RPM Total Fitness’ synergy is apparent, with a total of 9 teams across TribeFIT™ and TribeCORE™!

Mike Peshko, manager of TRIBE™ at RPM Total Fitness says there were a number of different aspects that had to come together to create the sizzle that would catch into something bigger. “It’s been a lot of hard work to get there, but I have a great team of trainers who really bought into the vision. We also have a great membership base who, for the most part, work hard in their workouts.”

Peshko says trainers who took ownership of their teams and proactively made the contacts and phone calls to help build their teams was paramount. Running the training module in front of all our members was huge in creating buzz with everyone. We filled the club with TTT banners and posters and all our staff knew of the TRIBE™ programs which was huge in helping promote TTT to our members, letting them know it wasn’t just another class we were adding to the schedule.

“It was a big deal, the free trial week I think may have had the biggest impact. We had sign up sheets going right after the training weekend to create some anticipation. That really worked. At the start of the trial week we had 160 names on the sign up list for trial week!”


From TRIBE Team Training™ International, we welcome RPM Total Fitness to the fold and wish your teams every success.


For more info on getting involved with TRIBE™ at RPM Total Fitness: www.rpmtotalfitness.ca

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