TribeKIDS™ Latest Season Release

TribeKIDS™ Season Six 2021

Welcome to TribeKIDSTM Season Six 2021! Clubs will be opening again while some will be offering 100% virtual sessions. Regardless of your situation, this season’s design is no different to the last. We will ensure that irrespective of your level of restrictions at your club, and club policies, we’ve got you! You will find all the necessary options and coaching tips to successfully deliver another incredible season whilst adhering to all your government policies and club protocols.

This season we take our development focus on another fun, yet progressive and challenging journey. Our development focus for this season is to expand on our KIDS’ ability to train the mind’s connection with the muscles (neuromuscular training). When we train these aspects, we can create an instinctual young animal that moves efficiently with agility, and balance, creating strong movement patterns that increase physical development long into our youth’s lives.

From all of us here at TRIBE Team Training® – 3, 2, 1, GO… !

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Simply click on the red exercise and it will take you straight to the technique videos.

Understanding the Whiteboard

We coach the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ of what we do in a fun way so that kids understand their movement requirements and recognize how it can help them in their day to day life. Each session has the following:

  • A Training Objective which we use to explain why we’re training the way we are for each session.
  • Handy hints for each Warm Up / Activity.
  • A detailed description of the Formula and gaming behind each session.
  • Coaching Tips to assist with running fantastic sessions week after week.
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