ProActive H & F. Wanaka – aims for 50 TRIBE classes!

TribeKIDS™ members having some fun at Proactive Health and Fitness Centre in Wanaka.

ProActive Health and Fitness in Wanaka is leading the TRIBE, hosting all five TRIBE programs: TribeFIT™, TribeCORE™, TribePUNCH™, TribeLIFE™ and TribeKIDS™. ProActive aims to have 50 classes operating by the beginning of Season Five in June, 2012.

ProActive Team Training Manager Toby Donnelly says the club currently has 44 classes operating and the members are thriving so far, resulting in a high demand for more TRIBE classes.

“It’s just  taken off,” says Donnelly, “we knew TRIBE programs were phenomenal, but the response we’ve had so far, and the speed at which it has occured has blown us all away. We’re loving it here in Wanaka!”


One Response to ProActive H & F. Wanaka – aims for 50 TRIBE classes!

  1. elle3001 May 14, 2012 at 2:41 pm #

    Loving TRIBE in Wanaka! Bring on more!

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