The music is on low, the team arrives with water bottles in hand, towels slung over shoulders and shoes done up tight. Conversation vibrates as the team catches up with one another over the past few days. We hear echoes of ‘How have you been?’, ‘How was your weekend?’, ‘How were your legs after last session?’, ‘Did you make it to the gym yesterday?’, ‘I tried this amazing new recipe…’ and so on. We shut the doors; fade the music and words slowly dwindle. We see eyes shifting over the room observing the equipment laid out for the session ahead. They stop abruptly with a single minded focus on the whiteboard. Anticipation builds as our team silently digests the formula and read the exercises planned for the day. We enthusiastically welcome everyone to the session, explain any new warm up exercises and bring the music back in to begin the warm up. Conversations re-ignite and we begin to feel the first inkling of the sizzle in the room. Their mental and physical preparation has begun. Once warm, we gather around the whiteboard and explain the focus, formula and new exercises of the day. Before we know it…its 3, 2, 1…GO!

From the moment our team walks into the room, we are creating the TRIBE experience. To create an everlasting experience each and every time, we must know the program and our team (as individuals and collectively as a group). Our mandate is simple and our variables are clear. Set the environment and inspire each individual to achieve more than they thought possible within their own personal abilities. We use regression and progression in each exercise throughout the session. We adjust the speed for stability and control first, and when we see no common faults, we adjust the range. We ask ourselves: How far can they move within this movement pattern without losing stability and control? Lastly, if they can maintain stability, control and range to avoid common faults, we can then adjust the load appropriately. By combining these variables with the words we use to inspire each individual and the team, it will create the ultimate TRIBE experience. If our heart is in the right place and we want the best for each team member then we have truly created the experience that our team members will come back time and time again for. The sizzle is alive, they are ready to go and ultimately they are getting results like never before.


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