TRIBE Team Training™ is thrilled to announce the launch of the Asia Pacific Agency.

Jamie and Ellen Hayes launched the TRIBE Team Training™ Asia Pacific Agency in May 2014.

The couple is very well regarded within the Australian fitness industry, owning and operating health clubs in Sydney since the early 1980s. The dynamic pair has now fused their life-long passion for active lifestyles with their belief and commitment to TRIBE Team Training™Asia Pacific.

Pioneers of the Australian fitness industry, Ellen became the first instructor in NSW to receive formal accreditation and Jamie received the first ever Australian National Fitness Leader of the Year award. Jamie went on to become a founding executive member of the Fitness Industry Association of NSW and the NSW Fitness Advisory Council.

Jamie later became a fitness educator, training instructors across Australia and Asia for The Australian Council for Health Physical Education and Recreation.

With their extensive background and passion for the fitness industry, TRIBE Team Training™ International is very pleased to welcome Jamie and Ellen Hayes to the TRIBE.


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