Another Happy TRIBE-er Meadhurst UK

Jim Manson wrote to us recently upon completing his first TribeFIT™ Season….

“I found the TribeFIT™ course excellent. It achieved all my fitness aims, and more!

The exercises and routines, in both the warm-up and the actual sessions, were extremely well planned & thought out. They progressively extended you, with each session building on the previous sessions. However, each session was different, which kept up the interest, and definitely led to the whole body being worked on. This was a step-up in intensity and fitness levels compared to my regular spinning sessions, which although good, only worked certain muscle groups. They were very tough sessions. The combination of the excellent TribeFIT™ trainers (Alice, Dave and Lisa), and the subtle team environment, trying to beat the clock, or keep up with the others, or even beat them, meant that every encouragement was there to really put out and have a great tough session. My levels of fitness have improved dramatically. I have learned many routines which I can apply to my own personal training routines and warm-ups, but also I am a firm believer in the TribeFIT™ concept, and as such I have signed up for the next season, hoping to build my fitness levels even further.”

Jim Manson~ Meadhurst Club UK

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