TRIBE Punch Testimonial

I have been attending TribePUNCH for almost a year now, and it’s the best training I’ve ever done. The workouts are tough but fun, a challenge to both body and mind.

My TRIBE coach always keeps it interesting, and is a great coach and a great motivator. I highly recommend you give TribePUNCH a go.

Laura Williamson

TRIBE Punch Member


TRIBE Life Testimonial

I am entering my 8th consecutive season of TRIBE. I still look forward to each workout and I can’t imagine not having it in my life now! Being accountable to your team and to your coach really keeps you focused and determined during your workouts.

I love the way that each season brings new challenges and new exercises. You won’t ever get bored! I am committed to pushing myself further and increasing my weights with each season. TRIBE  has taught me to love push-ups! My overall fitness level was good before I started with TRIBE but these workouts have given me improved strength, endurance, energy and a stronger athletic physique. I can finally see the muscle definition in my core! I am also a runner. Since starting TRIBE, I have been able to run much longer  distances without getting tired or feeling any pain afterwards.

Roanna Tward

TribeLIFE member

TRIBE Fit Testimonial

I got hooked on TRIBE after the first season. Every session was different and competitive. Prior to doing TRIBE, I was working out on my own but found it a chore. With TRIBE I feel like I get my butt kicked but want more. The thing that I benefit from most is the higher level of energy I now have.

I find that I am not worn down as early as I had been before I did your sessions. I like the high impact, high intensity and most importantly the functional exercises. I don’t feel like I am doing anything unnatural where I might hurt myself.

Personally I come back because the thought of doing anything else is dreadful and quite frankly,  I just won’t do anything else but more importantly, it is still challenging.

Eli Osipov

TribeFIT member

TRIBE Core Testimonial

I love TRIBE because of the results. I’ve never experience any training where the results were so quick and noticeable. There is definitely better muscle tone in my arms, shoulders, abs and glutes. I notice it and so does my hubby! My posture is better and I feel stronger – especially because I can do push-ups for the first time in my life!

I have returned to TRIBE time and time again because of the results, the team camaraderie and because Sharon is a great coach – encouraging, firm and always concerned about our overall health.


Cheryl Lipman

TribeCORE member

TRIBE Member Testimonial

Before TRIBE came along, I was in a bit of an exercise rut. I hadn’t been making the time to work out consistently.

I decided to try a TRIBE Team Training demo and I really enjoyed how I felt when it was over. I knew I had found something that was perfect for me.

The low impact exercises are still challenging but without the impact on my joints. I love that no workout is ever the same. I walk into the session with a little excitement each time wondering what is in store for us.

The ‘TRIBE’ mentality has been really motivating as well. There is a sense of commitment to each other; the workout isn’t the same when someone is missing. Ii an honestly say that I was a little disappointed when I had to miss a week to go on vacation!

I have noticed so many changes since I have been doing TRIBE – I have lot weight and inches, but the best part is how much stronger I feel. I am proud of the hard work it took to make the changes and that I didn’t give up!

I give a lot of credit to my coach, Andy Hagga. He has been incredibly inspirational and motivating. Andy combines the perfect amount of coaching and cheering. He’s quick to correct a sloppy lunge or lazy squat but he also noticed when you try a heavier weight or finally master the inchworm!

The best thing about being a part of TRIBE Team  Training is that I am feeling connected to my health and wellness again. I’m making better food choices (credit to Megan Reisch in Universal’s Nutrition and Wellness Centre) and  I’m loving all of my favourite Group Training classes again… and even trying some new ones!

Tracey Yoder

TRIBE Member

TRIBE Member Testimonial

On Christmas Day 2013, I got engaged to the most wonderful man ever! After the bliss settled in a bit, I can selfishly remember how uncomfortable I felt in my own skin. I had waited for my wedding day ever since I met this man. I knew I wanted to feel beautiful while standing next to my soul mate, closest friends and family. I do believe that beauty comes from within but I also knew I needed to make some changes. When TRIBE Team Training came to Universal, I tried it out with some friends and became hooked! The TribeFIT workouts have helped me obtain a physical goal that I didn’t even know I had. Ii was never a competitive person but through TRIBE I enjoy reaching new personal achievements, whether it be completing just one more rep or lifting a heavier weight.

TRIBE has changed my life, I eat cleaner and have never been this fit or strong in my life. What I love most about TRIBE is the feeling that I am part of something. My TRIBE friends and coaches encourage and support me. I am super proud to be a part of such a phenomenal group! Each workout is different and challenging; no two workouts are ever the same. It’s also because of my TRIBE coach, Tricia, and her endless compassion and support that I am where I am today.

On my June 6, 2015 wedding day I felt radiant standing there in front of all my dearest friends and family. In my 30 years of life, I have never felt that beautiful and so proud of all my hard work. Through my TRIBE workouts, I had dropped several dress sizes and experienced a change in my measurements.

I think no matter what dress size you wear, you will always feel lavish on your wedding day because of the unequivocal love that you receive. For me, it was like the best of both worlds.  Not only did I feel like a blushing bride… but because of my weight loss I just felt dazzling. Those insecurities that I had felt previously vanished as a result of TRIBE. In my experience, it’s all about how you  FEEL and I feel FANTASTIC!

Jess Shaeffer

TRIBE Member

TRIBE Team Training Asia Pacific

Thank you!
The three days of the TRIBE Team Training Module was one of the most enjoyable and challenging training modules I have experienced in over thirty seven years of teaching group fitness! TRIBE has developed an excellent system for small group training. They have nailed the formula for simple, consistent program delivery. Our Master Coach, Darryl Goad from TTT Asia Pacific, was certainly a master coach with fantastic skills in presenting, observing and developing our team as TribeCOACHES. The course flowed in a logical way, which allowed for new skills to be progressively absorbed and practiced, empowering participants to succeed. As Group Fitness Team Leader at Lords Recreation Centre, Subiaco, PERTH, I have not been this excited to introduce a new initiative at our centre for many years.

Maree Friebe

LORDS Subiaco Perth Australia

“We were running our own small group training classes and had roughly 30 inconsistent paying small group training members. We launched TRIBE and immediately attracted 263 pre-paid small group training members, of which over 20 were non-members. This generated over $35,000USD at launch. Even with zero growth over the next 12-months (not going to happen) – TRIBE will create communities of hundreds of engaged members within my club, keep my fitness team inspired with the latest small group training education and contribute $250,000USD to my bottom line. And you know what? With the support/dedication of TRIBE and their turn key model, it wasn’t even hard to do!” 3..2..1..Go!  

Ryan Vogt

Tri-City Court Club

Spartan Race


Universal Athletic Club Members used TRIBE FIT to prepare for a Spartan Super. The event took place at the Blue Mountain Ski Resort in Palmerton, PA. The course included: Running, swimming in a lake, carrying buckets of rocks (“the bucket brigade”), carrying a 50-pound log, a barb-wire crawl, rope climbs, 8-12 foot wall climbs, monkey bars, spear throw, sand bag hoist. All of this being done while going up and down the mountain! Steep climbs. Steep descents. Any failed obstacle results in a 30-Burpee Penalty! The UAC group completed it in just under 5 hours.


“Never in a million years did I think I could I do my first or second Spartan Race without TRIBE TEAM TRAINING and my coach Trisha! Spartan races are not about running, but all around strength, endurance and someone pushing you to go further. Even when you think your body can’t, it really can. Daily training has paid off in TRIBE! Someone’s encouraging me every step of the way!” Kim Kerr

“The combination of strength and aerobic training that we get through TRIBE FIT, plus the structure and intensity of the workouts, truly conditions your body for the demands of the terrain and obstacles faced during a Spartan Race. TRIBE FIT was an excellent way to train for this event because it combines high intensity functional strength exercises along with challenging cardio movements that gives great athletic results! Spartan Races are the ultimate test of overall fitness. TRIBE training and TRIBE coach Tricia really prepared me for the race andpushed me to a new level of fitness.” Kris Kopan

“Tribe has helped my body and mind prepare for the challenges faced during a Spartan Race. At 40, I have a better balance of strength and endurance than I had in my 20s. TRIBE has helped me push my fitness to levels I did not think were still possible.” Sean Lichty

“TRIBE FIT training has given me the ability to push hard, recover quickly and resume at the same intensity. All of which is necessary for a race of this caliber.” Keri Maki

“It was so awesome to see everyone’s strengths during the miles of intense obstacles. I could not have done this with out them. They gave me the courage to keep going. All of the sudden they were the coaches and I was working my butt off to make them proud! Spartan races aren’t for everyone, but if you are one of those people who has a Spartan race on your bucket list and are hoping to complete one in the future, TRIBE TEAM TRAINING is the perfect way to prepare!” Tricia Siegenthaler, TRIBE Coach






Fitness Director Testimonial

“In August of 2015, we chose to bring in Tribe Team Training to the Ridge Athletic Clubs. We launched Season 6 with TribeFIT™, TribeCORE™, and TribeLIFE™ platforms. In our first season, we had more than 100 participants engaged in Tribe Team Training and our teams were more than 90% full. Further, more than 65% of participants who signed up for Season 6 also registered for Season 7. Our members and our Ridge team recognized the value, quality, and effectiveness of the Tribe Team Training system right away. The different platforms allow opportunity for nearly anybody to get involved with fitness. The structure and philosophy of Tribe doesn’t adversely impact other revenue streams and actually serves to compliment other ancillary services such as one-on-one and small group personal training.

In addition to providing a great service for us to deliver to our members, Tribe Team Training has also promoted valuable team building experiences. During our 3-Day Tribe Training, our team of Coaches had the opportunity to learn, grow, and sweat TOGETHER. This experience fostered an environment that generated camaraderie, excitement, and commitment from our team. This organic excitement from our Tribe Coaching Team spread throughout the club like wildfire and infected everyone with the “sizzle.”

We have been very pleased with the quality of Tribe Team Training. The knowledge and support from Tim, JP, and Sharon have really made the adoption of Tribe into our club an easy, enjoyable, and rewarding experience.”

Best in Health,

Eddie Davila – Director of Fitness
Ridge Athletic Clubs
Bozeman, MT. 59718

Owner Testimonial

“TRIBE TEAM TRAINING™ has worked well inside our club to offer a much larger and diverse range of small group training (team training) options.

Team Training is what is proven to work best for client results and client retention. Having a traditional group fitness program, in addition to offering TRIBE Team Training™ simultaneously, has marked our club as a leader in group fitness and Team Training within our city. Our TribeCOACHES enjoy the regular hours TRIBE provides and our clients love experiencing theprogressive levels of training that TRIBE places all their participants through.”

Jason Christoff – President Physical Limits Fitness

Cornwall Ontario
K6H 2T9

The TribeFIT™ Family, we help each other to the last second.

“I recently have started TribeFIT™ and I Love it! At First I was scared and wasn’t sure if it was for me. I had been doing Boot camp and I was in my comfort zone and to step out was a big enough challenge. Although I had butterflies I was excited to go to the Trial week. After the help from my friend, the sweat and almost tears I completed my first 1 hour of Fit (the longest hour) since then I haven’t looked back, I still get butterflies but it is all worth it. I told our Tribe Coach Dean that I hate being last and that it was my worst fear and now after 5 weeks I’m just glad to finish and if I’m last, I’m last. I know after each session I have done my best. I call our TribeFIT™ team “The Tribe Fit Family” we help each other right to the last second. They are great Support; I couldn’t do half the exercises without them. I have signed up for another season and I can’t wait for new the challenge. LOOK OUT TOUGH MUDDER!!!!!!!”

Bec Lamont-TribeFIT™ participant,
City Fitness Mackay, Australia

Very challenging but very rewarding…

“TribeLIFE™ has been a very challenging but very rewarding experience. I believe my shape has changed; I look more toned and feel a lot stronger. Even my daughter commented on my look. I recommend TribeLIFE™ to everyone. The one on one makes you word harder.”

Megan Clifford-TribeLIFE™ participant,
City Fitness Mackay, Australia

Lost inches which is awesome!

“I knew I had a weak core from having 3 children – but I had no idea how quick I could regain it with Kate in TribeCORE™! I have gotten so much stronger, toned and have definition and lost inches, which is awesome! I recommend this to anyone any age! Even if it’s the only exercise you will get great results!”

Kylie Morton-TribeCORE™ participant,
City Fitness Mackay, Australia

I stand taller knowing that I can face and meet challenges head on

“As a 64 year old, I chose to do Core Training as I didn’t think I was fit enough to do Fit or Life. Core training is challenging and at times I definitely was out of my comfort zone, but the encouragement of the coach and my Tribe kept me going when on my own I would have given up. I really appreciated the change in workouts week by week. Kate (coach) was always there, helping me improve my technique and giving me alternate exercises when she could see I was struggling, especially in the beginning when I wasn’t as fit. (I can now get my bum off the ground but crunches aren’t on my favorite list). I’ll never be a marathon runner, but I stand taller knowing that I can face and meet challenges head on.”

Mary Allan TribeCORE™ participant,
City Fitness Mackay, Australia

I have gained so much more strength and vitality…

“It was 5 and a half weeks ago I began a 6 week, twice a week TribeCORE™ class with Kate as our Tribe Team Coach. I have gained so much more strength, vitality, self-confidence and new friends in that amount of time. We are all challenged and guided in our class by Kate (the bubbliest task master) to push us that little bit more. The class always fills me with energy, gives me a positive attitude for the day and I have no problems sleeping at night (always a bonus). Not only do I have more energy but also my clothes are looser on me than they were 5 and a half weeks ago! That really inspired me to continue with a positive attitude towards my Core classes; I aim to be even stronger than I am now. As Kate tells us “what doesn’t kill you in class will only make you stronger”

Louise Randall-TribeCORE™ participant,
City Fitness Mackay, Australia

I may even like running…

“I joined TribeFIT™ as I’d had a baby 6 months earlier and I wanted to get myself back to my pre baby body and fitness. I remember my very first session, unsure at meeting new people and doing something that I knew would really push me to my limits. In the first fitness session, running was my weakness, and I remember on my second run feeling like I wanted to cry and walking for a large portion of it. After 6 week, 18 sessions and with the help of our awesome trainer Dean and everyone else in our little TribeFIT™ family I feel like my pre baby self. My husband says I look fantastic, I’ve lost 7cm from my body but more importantly I did the same fitness test, beat my time by 3:30mins and didn’t stop once in the runs. I’ve signed up for the next round which will finish just before my 30th birthday and I have no doubt that it will get me to the best shape of my life. I love TribeFIT™. I’m obsessed. And who knows maybe by the end of the next season I may even like running.”

Mel Henry
TribeFIt™ participant, City Fitness, Mackay, Australia.

Why TRIBE Team Training™?

TRIBE Team Training™ is great for our members because it’s the best small group personal training programme on offer at a very affordable cost. No session is the same and the TRIBE coaches are trained to ensure the members get the best care and support, so they achieve their performance targets. Each member becomes part of a team, which they never want to leave.

TRIBE Team Training™ creates communities of teams within the club, which is great for member retention. Having TRIBE is a no brainer – the members are happy because they see the results, love being part of a team and are cared for by their coach. The coach is happy because, apart from getting a good rate of pay, the teams they create are their teams and there is a wonderful care factor involved as they get to know these members personally, helping them to achieve their goals. The club is happy because there is a financial gain but also, as communities form within the club, it makes for a wonderful member experience.

Marion Cumberbatch
Studio co-ordinator and TRIBE Team Training™ manager, David Lloyd Hampton

“My TRIBE Story”

When I signed up to take the Tribe Team Training module at Motion Fitness in Saskatoon, SK, I had no idea of the journey I was about to begin. Not fully knowing what this was all about, I was excited to experience something that looked like the puzzle piece that was missing from our club to really give our members what they needed to keep them coming back for more and get the results they wanted. Yes, I love teaching group fitness classes and always will, but a change is what I needed and what I could see others were looking for, too. I thought I was fairly fit until I got into the first TribeFIT Master Session, and WOW, I got a reality check!! It was grueling, competitive, challenging, but also empowering as Tim challenged me to go a little faster, to keep pushing, get a few more reps in, and I could! And when I made it across the finish line of the workout, it was the most amazing feeling of accomplishment! I would never have tackled a workout like that on my own, and not with that level of intensity. It was then that I realized there really was something special about this company and these programs, and all throughout the weekend, I was buzzing with excitement thinking about how this would impact the people that I know and love, and those around the gym who were looking for that encouragement and push to improve their fitness, regardless of what level they were at. The more I learned about WHY these programs are successful, the more I wanted to be involved. We had a three month long training period to prepare for our launch, and I could see over that time already the changes in strength, endurance, stability and confidence in all of our coaches. When we got to Trial Week, I got a glimpse of the magic of Tribe Team Training. The team spirit came alive in a TribeFIT trial session when those who completed the workout first began to really cheer the others on to pull them through the session, and even grabbed a kettlebell and got back into the workout to join those who were struggling to finish. This happened without my prompting. They were a team already! Now being a short way through my first season, it’s amazing to see the development of the team bonds that keeps everyone coming back, especially on the days when it would be easier for them to sleep in, or stay home and not work out. They are motivating each other and holding each other accountable without even knowing it, and they work so hard! They inspire me to be better, to continue working on turning my weaknesses into my strengths as they are doing that every session, and to give them 110% in each session because they give it back in so many ways! This is only the beginning of my story, and a small part of my Tribe story, and I look forward to all of the chapters that will be written in the future!

Amy Friesen
Motion Fitness Saskatoon

“I found the Tribe Fit course excellent. It achieved all my fitness aims, and more!

The exercises and routines, in both the warm-up and the actual sessions, were extremely well planned & thought out. They progressively extended you, with each session building on the previous sessions. However, each session was different, which kept up the interest, and definitely led to the whole body being worked on. This was a step-up in intensity and fitness levels compared to my regular spinning sessions, which although good, only worked certain muscle groups. They were very tough sessions. The combination of the excellent Tribe Fit trainers (Alice, Dave and Lisa), and the subtle team environment, trying to beat the clock, or keep up with the others, or even beat them, meant that every encouragement was there to really put out and have a great tough session. My levels of fitness have improved dramatically. I have learned many routines which I can apply to my own personal training routines and warm-ups, but also I am a firm believer in the Tribe Fit concept, and as such I have signed up for the next season, hoping to build my fitness levels even further.”

Jim Manson~ TribeFIT™ member, Meadhurst Club UK


RPM Total Fitness (Toronto Canada)Thanks for accepting my connection. I am a trainer at RPM in Toronto and went through TRIBE Team Training™ this past weekend with Tim, Nick, Sharon and Janice and was blown away by the experience. I said it to Tim and I will say it to you, I have taken part in many certifications over the past 20 years and I have never been so excited, motivated or as big as a believer as I am in the TTT program. Thank you for helping bring it to North America. I am very excited to be in the first wave of instructors coaching this program. My goal is to build my own team(s) at RPM Total Fitness and work my way to becoming a Master Trainer. Cheers to an outstanding ride ahead. I will hope to cross paths with you sometime in the future.

With gratitude,

Pro Fit (Balclutha) is excited and pleased to be a part of the TRIBE Team Training™ Family. We launched TRIBE Team Training™ in February 2012 and began our first Season with 3 x TribeFIT™ and 3 x TribeCORE™ teams. Of a total membership of 120 we had 49 people signed up to our first season of TRIBE Team Training™. All of our participants have improved their physical fitness, embraced the challenges and reached or exceed their goals. The program results are so addictive that many have signed on again for the next season. TRIBE Team Training™ has also attracted a lot of interest from the public and we have new people ready to take on the challenge and ‘have a go’ in our next free week. For our fitness centre, TRIBE Team Training™ has raised our profile, increased our membership (as many of the participants saw the opportunity to join Pro fit and take part in other classes and enjoy our new facility) and gave us the opportunity to provide more equipment to create a professional and supportive environment. The real value comes from the relationship that we have with TRIBE Team Training™, and the support that is provided to our TRIBE Team Trainers™, and to our Club. Our success is reflected in the fact that as we enter our next free week introduction we already have full teams signed up. We truly believe that together we achieve more.

Pro Fit, Balclutha, New Zealand

I have been involved in sport all my life, but have yet to come across a training program that has had as significant an impact on my life as TribeCORE™. As a keen golfer I have marveled at the way in which TribeCORE™ has helped me develop a more powerful swing with less effort, as well as and more importantly, bringing a level of consistency to and confidence in my game that I have never experienced in over 30 years as a golfer. Also, as a sufferer of spinal and joint problems for many years, there is no doubt that the added strength and flexibility that TribeCORE™ has enabled me to develop is giving me more freedom in the activities that I can undertake and a more pain free life. I have no hesitation in recommending TribeCORE™ to all age groups as a method of maintaining and improving the lifestyle that you have chosen for yourself. I would also add that the knowledge and professionalism of my TribeCORE™ Trainer continues to be instrumental in my getting the most out of the program.

Phil – TribeCORE™ participant

I have been coming along to TribePUNCH™ classes now for six seasons and have just signed up for a seventh. I have heard others describe “going to the gym” as boring – forget it, TribePUNCH™ gives me direction, confidence, and incredible results, and no two classes are ever the same. I like that the class sizes are small, which means that you get to know the people you train with, and the trainers are motivated and really know their stuff! Awesome.

Vergne – TribePUNCH™ participant

I’d never been much of a gym goer but had been running and keeping fit through sport and other activities for years. I was originally recommended the TribeFIT™ class by a friend and right from my first class found it rewarding and enjoyable. There is a real sense of team spirit and friendly competition within the classes which provides encouragement to push yourself as hard as you can go. My improvement in general fitness was noticeable after the first couple of weeks and by the end of the first six week season my improvement in fitness was remarkable. I completed three seasons of TribeFIT™ before I left Wanaka and I’d be joining up again if there was a TribeFIT™ class in the town where I now live. I would highly recommend taking TribeFIT™ to anyone thinking about it.

Rich – TribeFIT™ participant

I can see and feel my abs for the first time in my life – TribeCORE™ rocks!

Eleanor – TribeCORE™ participant

I started TribePUNCH™ hoping to find a health and fitness lifestyle that would keep me interested! I have in the past joined gyms and done other fitness classes only to find that after a month or two my interest and motivation ceases to exist! TribePUNCH™ however has transformed my whole fitness lifestyle, I am actually excited for my TribePUNCH™ class and my interest and motivation has only increased with my involvement in TribePUNCH™!! The fitness aspects of the class are amazing and the different boxing and kicking combinations we learn and perfect definitely keep me interested!

The TribePUNCH™ trainers have been amazing at motivating and are always willing and eager to give extra help and instruction whenever I needed it! I can honestly say that TribePUNCH™ has transformed my lifestyle and is something I will continue with in years to come!! MASSIVE thanks to my TribePUNCH™ trainers Haagon and Toby!!!

Tessa – TribePUNCH™ participant

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