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CLUBS are putting in TRIBE Team Training™ – here’s WHY!

TRIBE Team Training™ provides club owners with the very best Small Group Training solution.

“We were running our own small group training classes and had roughly 30 inconsistent paying small group training members. We launched TRIBE and immediately attracted 263 pre-paid small group training members, of which over 20 were non-members. This generated over $35,000USD at launch. Even with zero growth over the next 12-months (not going to happen) – TRIBE will create communities of hundreds of engaged members within my club, keep my fitness team inspired with the latest small group training education and contribute $250,000USD to my bottom line. And you know what? With the support/dedication of TRIBE and their turn key model, it wasn’t even hard to do!” 3..2..1..Go!  Ryan Vogt Tri-City Court Club

Health and Fitness Club members now have more Small Group Training choice than ever before and according to the top 2017 trends they will be seeking the best Small Group Training services within our clubs or even worse, out of our clubs.

To keep members engaged and with a sense of on-going belonging, putting TRIBE Team Training™ in their clubs has produced incredible results for club owners around the world.

Get in touch with us below to find out how TRIBE will:

  • Keep your members engaged and in our doors
  • Keep your staff engaged and in our doors
  • Increase your profit dramatically
  • Provide all of this with an easy to implement turn-key system

We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you in creating unprecedented Small Team Training growth in your club.

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