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General FAQs

What is Team Training?

Team training is a new category within the fitness industry which fills the gap between high-cost personal training and group exercises classes and facilities that are free with membership.

It is a cost effective way for team members to join a small team (6-10max) who train together at the same time two or three times a week for six week seasons.

They are led by their team coach who remains the same coach throughout the season who get to know and understand each team members goal and motivation behind exercise.

Team members will experience fun, belonging, support, reassurance and results all in a dynamic motivating environment.

Each team will follow a pre-designed program in which the club owner chooses from six different programs designed to appeal to the clubs different market segments.

History has shown us that by working out together as a team we will gain far greater results than when we work out on our own.

At TRIBE Team Training™ we specialise in developing the best Team Training programs in the World. We have six team training programs that are delivered by certified TRIBE coaches in six- week seasons with a week recovery before the next season begins.

TRIBE Team Training™ develops seven new seasons that are released every year.

All TRIBE Team Training™ programs are supported by:

  1. Latest music
  2. Coaching education
  3. Certification
  4. The best member care
  5. Highly experienced members of the fitness industry
What is the difference between TRIBE Team Training™ and Group Exercise Classes?

From a member’s perspective

Group exercise classes are a great exercise option for those who enjoy large groups (often 50- 100) and doing exercise routines that follow the music. There’s a set routine to each song. When the song is replayed, the routine is repeated. You’re exercising in a group and you’re anonymous.

TRIBE Team Training organises members into small teams (max 10). The team members are always leaning new exercise and so each session is different to maximise the training effect. Although there’s background music to match the program’s energy, they are not moving to the music. Each team member works at their own pace and is guided towards their goal.

From a coach’s perspective

With group exercise you’re leading by demonstrating. You’re doing the class. The main emphasis is on the group. It’s challenging to provide individual attention in a large group.

With TRIBE Team Training™, you’ll coach new exercises (including progressions and regressions) at the start of each session and then you’re coaching the team and the individuals to fulfil their exercise goals. It’s a combination of sports team coaching and personal training. There is the team focus along with some one-on-one coaching.

TRIBE empowers the coach to do what they do best – deliver! The TRIBE system does the marketing, helps them recruit teams and removes the headache of having to come up with new lesson plans.

From an operator’s perspective

The decision whether or not to offer group exercise is fundamental to the business plan and market positioning for each fitness business. The business of group exercise works well for a high volume club where class numbers are at least 50. Most centres license their group-ex programming to ensure quality, variety and consistency for members.

Every club has a group of members who, if exposed to TRIBE Team Training™ would be willing to pay for it (a fraction of PT costs) and become long-term team members in their respective programs. Many TRIBE operating clubs have a minimum retention rate of 70%.

TRIBE can also boost much-needed secondary revenue. It’s possible for TRIBE to earn the club as much (and more) than they earn from personal training.

Club Owners/Club Managers FAQs

Why would I consider offering TRIBE in my Facility?

TRIBE offers the opportunity for club owners to bridge the gap between Group Exercise and Personal Training. It provides a standalone department that generates income for your club.

This turn-key department provides business owners, general managers and managers the tools, support, and consistency to develop a department around each individual business goal.

We believe that if clubs are not getting at least 10% of their current membership involved in some sort of team training offering then they are missing out on massive business opportunities.

Many of our existing clubs are earning annual revenue of six figures from TRIBE Team Training™ alone – with only a 5% penetration rate!

Can any health club or boutique studio offer TRIBE?

Yes, absolutely. We have massive 150,000 square foot clubs, club chains with dozens of locations, small studios and community centres all running TRIBE Team Training™ in a variety of spaces within.

Each business model has their own unique goals and by working together with us, we can help you offer the best team training program along with helping you reach your financial goals. Having TRIBE in your club will help you earn more and set you apart from the competition.

Simply put, if you have space that’s roughly the size of a squash or racquetball court, or vacant time slots on your group-ex floor or basketball court, you can offer TRIBE.

Why couldn’t we do it ourselves?

Doing it yourself requires more than just planning the workouts and ordering equipment. Creating a department, brand, marketing, consistency, team culture and training progressions all while creating value in the eyes of your members is EXPENSIVE.

If you have high staff turnover or afraid of losing your talented staff, TRIBE gives you the consistency, protection, education, tools, marketability, and ongoing support you need at a fraction of the cost of doing this yourself.

To create a branded organised program that’s commercially successful can take a lot of time and resources. Some clubs have decided to do it themselves but haven’t made one dollar profit 12 months later. TRIBE gives clubs “speed to market”.

How would this affect my other service offerings?

Any good team training department should only work to enhance your service offerings; this includes Group Exercise and Personal Training. All TRIBE coaches are trained to utilize all service offerings to complement each individuals training goals.

This is also a fantastic way for your trainers and instructors to increase their PT clientele and Group Exercise following. This is not only restricted to training but should / could include nutrition, massage, merchandise etc…

How much can I expect to earn as a TRIBE Team Training™ licensee?

The great thing about TRIBE Team Training™ is that it is a true profit centre for your business. Unlike other service departments, such as Group Fitness, which costs your business to run – TRIBE Team Training™ will make your club money and ensure the growth of your business.

How much money will vary depending on your club size and the number of TRIBE Team Training™ programs you run. As an example we have small clubs with a 500 – 600 membership
base profiting over USD $87,000 in their TRIBE Team Training™ department alone.

Which TRIBE Team Training™ program(s) should I start with?

The first TRIBE Team Training™ program(s) you choose to launch should depend on the current demographics of your facility and/or the demographics you are looking to attract. Our most popular programs are TribeFIT™,TribeCORE™ and TribeLIFE™. All the TRIBE Team Training™ programs complement each other and will target varying demographics in your community.

Our specialty programs include TribePUNCH™ and TribeKIDS™. To ensure optimum success with TRIBE Team Training™ we suggest you start by launching just three programs. Once they are working successfully at your facility you can add any of the others. See our programs page for more info on our six TRIBE Team Training™ programs.

How do I get TRIBE Team Training™ in my club or facility?

The TRIBE Team Training™ System works on a licensing arrangement whereby you pay a monthly fee to run the program(s) in your facility.

In return for this fee, not only do you receive world-class TRIBE Team Training™ programs with new season releases every six weeks, you also get the world’s leading TRIBE coach training, access to TRIBE Team Training™ Management tools and marketing materials.

To get TRIBE Team Training™ programs at your facility you’ll need to contact your TRIBE Team Training™ local distributor, or fill in our contact form and we’ll get in touch.

What does it cost?

There is a monthly licensing fee associated with running TRIBE Team Training™ programs at your facility. TRIBE Team Training™ is an international company and the license fee reflects local currency, therefore the license fee will vary from country to country. The monthly fee may also vary depending on the type of facility you have and how many TRIBE Team Training™ programs you are looking to implement.

As an example, a monthly license fee for one program is around USD$250 per month. Typically, there is also a declining pricing scale, so for each additional program the price per program decreases. For example, a second program price is around USD$150 per month. Remember, TRIBE provides a standalone revenue generating department in your club. Licence fees are absorbed in the revenue generated by TRIBE in your club.

To find out what the monthly license fee would be for YOUR facility, in YOUR region please contact your TRIBE Team Training™ local distributor. Click HERE.

Are there any other set up costs?

All TRIBE Team Training™ programs use a variety of specialised training equipment to challenge members and add variety to their workouts ensuring they achieve incredible results.

Your club or facility will more than likely have the majority of the equipment you will need or you may wish to add to what you already have to run your TRIBE Team Training™ programs.

Your local TRIBE Team Training™ distributor will be able to provide you with exact equipment lists of what you will need for the TRIBE Team Training™ programs you have.

All TRIBE coaches are trained, provided with continuing education, and are supported through the agencies and head coaches throughout their career as a TRIBE coach.

There is a small cost to training the coaches, however each club and region decides on the best option to suit their needs. Please contact your TRIBE Team Training™ local distributor for more information. Click HERE.

What support can I expect from TRIBE agencies?

This is best answered in two parts.

1st: Aside from training the team, receiving the tools and the marketing material, you will receive continual guidance and support through the 8-12 week launch phase.

Once launched we will consistently check in with your department head (Head Coach) to ensure they are doing everything they can to achieve the business goals set out from the start.

We will share best practices, hold TRIBE exclusive webinars for department heads, update and send out more tools and constant communication on how we can help you achieve your goals.

2nd: From the coaching perspective, our coaching department will be in contact twice a season offering coaching tips, seasonal advice on recruiting, building new teams, creating culture in the team and club and professional development. BOTH of these are consistent and ongoing as long as you are a licensed member of the TRIBE Team Training™ Team!

Club Member FAQ’s

Why does TRIBE usually cost money?

TRIBE Team Training™ is world class small group Personal Training Program. In other words it’s Personal Training with a team of 6-10 others.

Each program is developed with a specific training objective and has progressions built into the programs to ensure each individual is guaranteed results.

No matter what program you choose, your TRIBE coach will focus on your individual goals (just like a Personal Trainer would) however you get the benefit of being in a small team with like- minded individuals for a fraction of the cost of Personal Training.

What benefits can I expect from being part of a TRIBE for 6 weeks?

Following a specific training plan allows you to get significant results safely and not to mention FAST! Benefits range from each and every person depending on the program you choose and the goals you have.

That being said, with our regular progression checks, you and your coach will always know where you stand in your fitness journey. This will help you and your coach stay focussed on your goal as well as you having the support, camaraderie and care of your team mates.

I have done Bootcamps, Kettlebell classes, TRX classes and Small Group Training before, how is TRIBE different?

These types of programs are just like group exercise classes that are designed to make you sweat but don’t know your personal fitness goals. TRIBE is different.

In TRIBE we examine your goals, desires for change and build a perfect plan for you to achieve this. Your fitness goal is personal and unique.

To achieve your goal you will need guidance, support, progression and results you can see and feel to help make sure you’re on the way.

Because it is important that your coach knows you and your goals, each teams will train with the same coach and the same team mates for the full season at the fraction of the cost of Personal Training.

TRIBE has developed six different programs that are delivered in six week seasons, all with specific pillars of progression and phases of development ensuring absolute results effectively and efficiently.

Every session is different, every season is different which means your body and mind will always be stimulated and leave you wanting to come back for more.
Each program caters to a different training environment and training style, so regardless of your training preference you will always be in an environment that supports you and your goals 100% of the time.

What happens if I have to miss a session or two?

Not to worry, each club has a contingency plan. Every club has their own make-up policies; children get sick, you have to leave town for business,
or you’re taking a vacation, we all have life events that prevent us from living at the club. There are so many examples of clubs that take care of their members who have had to miss a session because life gets in the way…

They will encourage you to jump in on a different team later that day, or the next day, they may offer weekend make up sessions, trial weeks, a one on one session and so much more. When you train with TRIBE, our motto is that no one gets left behind.

How is being part of a TRIBE valuable?

It allows us to part of something bigger than ourselves; it creates a training environment that holds us accountable to our goals ensuring we will get results.

TRIBE Team Training™ sets a lifestyle as most TRIBERS continue to be part of their team season after season, year after year.

You are part of something bigger than your own personal goals; you are part of a team that has a common purpose while being consistently looked after by your certified TRIBE coach – like personal training but only a fraction of the cost!

Coaching TRIBE FAQ’s

What are the benefits of being a TRIBE Coach?

Being a TRIBE Coach allows you to change more lives, have a greater reach in your club, advance your career opportunities, earn more money all while having fun!

Like any person in the fitness industry, we do this because we love it. Helping people achieve their goals is the number one reward anyone one of us could ever achieve.

TRIBE Team Training™ allows us to do this with so many more people. By helping people achieve their results is also the best way to ensure retention. More people loyal to you and their teams is good business!

What programs can I be certified in?

You can get certified in one or all six programs. Your head coach will sit down with you and discuss the best options for you and the club.

Many coaches certify in all six programs to reach and access all club demographics, however you may find that you sit in the essence of one more than the other and prefer to coach two or three.

If you don’t have a club, find one in your region on the map page or contact us directly.

Is it like delivering a group exercise class?

No, group exercise is either pre-choreographed or self-choreographed and the instructor demonstrates and does the workout in front of the class.

A TRIBE coach is very hands on, the same as a personal trainer ensuring perfect technique and integrity of movement.

This combined with driving, motivating and entertaining coaching ensures that your team meets their true training potential every session, every season.

Where and how do I become certified?

Once your club has decided to bring TRIBE Team Training™ to their suite of service offerings you can let your manager know you would like to be part of the team. We come to you and train you at your club!

Do I need previous experience in Small Group Training?

No, TRIBE Team Training™ provides the training, education, programming and ongoing support to ensure your success as a TRIBE Team Training™ Coach.

How will this affect my work opportunities as a PT and/or group exercise instructor?

Being part of a robust team training department is a fantastic way to enhance your career opportunities.

By being in front of more people each week and changing more lives, you have greater connections to build your PT clientele or group exercise following.

TRIBE Team Training’s programming and ongoing education is also a constant resource for your professional growth and development.

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